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Preparing for the SAT

The SAT exam is a tool used by colleges to assess a student’s readiness for higher learning. It tests your knowledge of reading, writing, and math. Continued…

Fun SAT Games

SAT Math Vocabulary A-M SAT Vocabulary Which Word
SAT Word Synonyms Unscramble and Spell SAT Math
SAT Words – Pick the Part of Speech Level 1 SAT Word-O-Rama
Level 2 SAT Word-O-Rama Level 1 SAT SpeedySpeller
Level 2 SAT SpeedySpeller Level 1 SAT MatchIt Definitions
Level 2 SAT MatchIt Definitions Level 1 SAT Word Search
Level 2 SAT Word Search Level 1 SAT MatchIt Sentences
Level 2 SAT MatchIt Sentences Playing Some Great Games & Learning Too!

The reading and writing sections of the SAT exam tests a student’s vocabulary and reading comprehension. About half of the questions in the writing section will be specifically to test vocabulary skills, but even the reading comprehension section depends heavily on the reader’s ability to figure out unfamiliar words in context. Colleges and universities take into account many factors when deciding who to admit to their student body, but the SAT can often be one of the key elements that make or break a student’s chances at higher education. The single best way to ensure your success in the entrance exam is to grow your vocabulary. This can be done by reading widely, studying Greek and Latin roots, taking high school courses that help you increase your vocabulary, and by spending 10-15 minutes a night working on word attack skills.

Another, possibly even more entertaining way to prepare for the vocabulary portions of the SAT exam is by playing our SAT practice games. Because the SAT is such a “high-stakes” exam, thinking about it sometimes make us anxious. By playing games to teach ourselves the concepts, we become less fearful of the test. When we finally sit down to take the SAT we can think back to the fun games we played and the test may not feel so overwhelming after all.