SAT Practice

Spring SATs and ACTs are looming, and has some great ways to turn your jitters into higher scores through word practice.

Vocabulary is a big part of the SAT tests and any little bit of practice can help you cement words you don’t know well into your memory. That will help you get them right on the test. Just a few minutes of practice each day can really make a difference!

MatchIt and Word-O-Rama games help you match the words to their definitions. It’s good practice. Plus, reading both the definitions and the words helps you get to know new words and definitions better.

Speedy Speller gives you practice with spelling each word. While you’re typing the word, you listen to a context-rich sentence, helping you to understand each word’s meaning.

Word Search challenges you to find SAT words in the traditional grid puzzle.


Take a look at the SAT Words page on . You’ll find lots of games to play, and with just a few minutes of practice a day, you’ll do loads to improve your score!

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