Context and Definitions

Learning Context and Definitions

Context refers to the words or sentences that surround a particular word, idea or passage which either greatly influence or outright define it. The ability to decipher context in written exercises and use it to one’s advantage is important continued…

K-2nd Grade Context and Definitions Games

Primary Dolch Defintion Match Primary Math Definition Game
Primary Science Definition Game Ramona Forever Vocabulary Context
Primary Dolch Word-O-Rama Primary Dolch Match It
Primary Math Word-O-Rama Primary Math Match It

3rd-5th Grade Context and Definitions Games

Bridge to Terabithia Context Game Bridge to Terabithia Vocabulary
Intermediate Word Search A-C Intermediate Word Search D-F
Intermediate Word Search G-I Science Word Definition Game
Tom Sawyer Vocabulary Context Tom Sawyer Vocabulary Game

6th-8th Grade Context and Definitions Games

Basal Reader Vocabulary Game Call of the Wild Context Match
FCAT Math Vocabulary A-M Old Yeller Context Match
Basal Reader Word-O-Rama Basal Reader Match It
Old Yeller Word-O-Rama Old Yeller Match It
Call of the Wild Word-O-Rama Call of the Wild Match It

9th-12th Grade Context and Definitions Games

100 High School Word Search 1984 Context Game
1984 Vocabulary Match Game High School Crossword Puzzle
Romeo and Juliet Context Game SAT Math Vocabulary A-M
SAT Vocabulary Which Word Have A Suggestion? Contact Us!


for students as developing this inference-making skill will prove not only beneficial but indispensable in more general life situations. Kids enjoy learning about context with fun online games.

Whether teaching context & definitions or learning context & definitions, online games are an excellent way to practice. Many context & definitions resources, including context & definitions worksheets and context & definitions lesson plans, are available to teachers who wish to prepare context & definitions quizzes or tests.

There are four types of context clues that are important when trying to either discover the main idea of a paragraph or understand an unfamiliar word in a sentence: Definition or Restatement, Synonym, Antonym/Opposite/Contrast, and Example or Explanation.

Because of its importance in and out of the classroom, context is introduced early in a child’s education. For example, the primary grades learn context thematically, such as through Dolch words definitions, math definitions or science definitions and context games. As kids in grades 3-5 are encouraged to read chapter books, they are taught context not only through subject-specific materials like science vocabulary definitions but also as it relates to books they may be reading in class, including Tom Sawyer vocabulary games or Bridge to Terabithia vocabulary games. At the middle school level, it becomes particularly important for kids to determine the context of FCAT math vocabulary definitions correctly just as high school students must be familiar with the SAT math vocabulary definitions, for a thorough understanding of how to use SAT context clues is crucial.

Whatever the level, learning about context is as important to discovering the main idea in a paragraph or understanding vocabulary in context as it is to making inferences in a real-life situation. Fun online games are an excellent way to practice one’s context and definitions abilities.