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GMAT Tutors

Doing well on the GMAT, or Graduate Management Admission Test, is essential for getting into the graduate school that you’d like to attend. Graduate schools often use the GMAT to help determine whether an applicant will be successful at pursuing their graduate degree. Using a GMAT tutor, tutoring site, or an online writing tutor can considerably improve your score on the test. has all the essentials to prepare you for the verbal part of the exam. Vocabulary is Fun can help you organize for the GMAT vocabulary section and rapidly increase your score. We have a broad selection of free online vocabulary games, test-taking strategies, and other valuable tools. With as your GMAT tutor, you’ll be at graduate school in no time!

Building Vocabulary with Vocabulary is Fun

At Vocabulary is Fun, we have a variety of methods for building vocabulary. Whether you’re an ESL student looking to understand the English language or a potential graduate student searching to improve your GMAT vocabulary, we have all the essential learning tools. Our free online vocabulary games can be your personal GMAT tutor. Start off your vocabulary building with our Vocabulary Quiz. The Vocabulary Quiz is multiple choice and consists of 1600 questions on over 16 different topics. It’s specifically designed for building vocabulary for standardized tests. By allowing you to use sentence context to determine the meaning of a word, you’ll expand your vocabulary swiftly.

The SAT Vocabulary Game is another great way to prepare for the GMAT. While the SAT Vocabulary Game is more geared towards the SAT, it still quizzes you on 1000 level SAT words in multiple choice format – making it useful for any standardized test.

MatchIt is a game that’s perfect for GMAT preparation. In MatchIt you’ll start off by choosing the difficulty level and words in alphabetical or random order. By using your grammar, critical thinking, and vocabulary skills, you’ll be able to correctly complete the sentence with the correct word.

Test-Taking Strategies at

There are many test-taking strategies available to those looking to prepare for the GMAT. An online tutor for the GMAT is often very valuable to students looking to improve their score. Online vocabulary games have been proven to be extremely useful GMAT tutors. Not only can you learn a great deal of vocabulary, you can have fun too! Free online vocabulary games at Vocabulary is Fun are a fantastic test-taking strategy for GMAT preparation. is another easy to use website that can help you prepare for the writing section of the GMAT. Use all of our tools at Vocabulary is Fun, and you’ll be on your way to success!