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Vocabulary.co.il is the perfect place to prepare for your vocabulary test! Learning vocabulary can be difficult at any level, but Vocabulary is Fun makes it simple to practice for even the most complicated test. Whether you’re preparing for SAT vocabulary, FCAT, GRE, TOEFL, PSAT, or another test, we have everything you need to get ready! Our online vocabulary games are ideal learning tools for developing vocabulary at every level.

Get Ready with the SAT Game

College bound students are often required to take the SAT. Success on the SAT involves knowing a broad range of vocabulary and the ability to decipher the shades of meaning of unknown words. However, passing the SAT isn’t the only reason to build a strong vocabulary. Students who maintain a broad understanding of vocabulary are more successful throughout their college career.

Our SAT Vocabulary Game is ideal for developing the skills necessary for the SAT vocabulary test. Through a series of multiple-choice questions, the SAT Game will ask you to complete sentences with SAT 1000 level words.

Vocabulary Tests and Quizzes for Free

At Vocabulary.co.il, we offer a variety of games and resources to prepare for any kind of vocabulary assessment. Our selection of games provides you with a fun way to learn the terminology you need at your own pace.

By using sentence context to determine the meaning of a word, you’ll quickly build a multitude of vocabulary words. Over 1600 questions are available in multiple-choice format on 16 different topics on the Vocabulary Quiz. Choose your skill level, length of time for each question, and number of questions to make the quiz more or less challenging and fun!

Vocabulary.co.il Practice Makes Perfect

The vocabulary games at Vocabulary is Fun are not just for those about to take a standardized test. Everyone can benefit and have fun with the free online vocabulary games that we offer. From elementary students to working professionals, Vocabulary.co.il is here to help you expand your vocabulary and have fun doing it! To prepare for the writing section of your standardized test, visit Time4Writing.com and gain writing skills through interaction with a certified teacher.